Daily Imbalance and Neutrality Charge Calculation Methodology (promulgated in State Gazette SG No. 57 of 19.07.2019, effective as of 19.07.2019)


Energy Act (Promulgated, SG No. 107/9.12.2003, last amended SG No. 9/2.02.2021, effective 2.02.2021)


Energy Efficiency Act (Promulgated, SG No. 35/15.05.2015, last amended and supplemented, SG No. 21/12.03.2021, effective 12.03.2021)


Methodology determining prices for access and transmission of natural gas through the gas transmission networks owned by Bulgartransgaz EAD (Issued by State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, promulgated State Gazette issue 79 of 08.09.2020 in force


Natural Gas Market Balancing Rules (promulgated in the State Gazette No 57 of 19.07.2019, effective since 19.07.2019)


Natural Gas Trading Rules (amend. and suppl. SG issue 57 of 19 July 2019 effective as of 19 July 2019)


Ordinance No 2 of 22032004 on the Minimum Requirements to Healthy and Safe Labour Conditions in the course of Construction and Installation Works(Promulgated, SG No. 37/4.05.2004; amended and supplemented SG No. 10/1.02.2019)


Ordinance № 3 of 31.07.2003 for drawing up certificates and protocols in the course of construction (Promulgated, SG No. 72/15.08.2003; amended and supplemented SG No. 56/11.07.2017 )


Rules for access to the gas transmission and/or gas distribution networks and the natural gas storage facilities Approved with Decision No. P-1 of 14.03.2013 of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, published, SG issue 36 of 16.04.2013, amende

Rulls for access

Spatial Development Act (Promulgated, SG No. 1/2.01.2001; amended and supplemented SG No. 62/14.07.2020; Decision of the Constitutional Court 14 - SG No 92/27.10.2020)