Following the completion of the open procedure in line with the Public Procurement Act, Bulgartransgaz EAD and DZZD International Gas will sign a Contract for an investment design – Phase Detailed Design, supply of the necessary materials and equipment, construction and commissioning of the gas interconnection Bulgaria - Serbia (IBS). The signing will take place within the international ministerial round table in Sofia today, dedicated to the regional cooperation in energy security, diversification and green transition.

The total value of the Contract with DZZD International Gas totals to BGN 139 777 777,77 (one hundred and thirty-nine million seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven point 77), VAT excluded. The activities falling in the scope of the Contract are within the subject matter of the Grant Agreement under the Connecting Europe Facility.

The realisation of the Interconnection Bulgaria - Serbia is a key project, a priority of the Bulgarian energy policy, targeted at guaranteeing the energy security of the country, diversification of the sources and routes of supply, deepening of the process of energy market liberalisation.

The project for the gas interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia on the territory of Bulgaria is realised by Bulgartransgaz EAD on the basis of the Joint Declaration on the construction of the gas interconnection between the Bulgarian and the Serbian parties, signed in May 2018. With the agreement of the European Commission Bulgartransgaz EAD was determined to be the project promoter and future operator of the interconnection.

The project for the gas interconnection between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Serbia provides for the construction of a new gas pipeline from Bulgartransgaz EAD’s existing equipment near Novi Iskar. The linear part of the gas pipeline is with a diameter of DN 700 and a length of about 62 km on the Bulgarian territory; the complete project realisation comprises the construction of two automatic gas regulation stations (AGRSs), one gas metering station (GMS) – Kalotina and two gas pipeline branches to the town of Slivnitsa and Dragoman. Following its construction, the gas interconnection will have a capacity of 1.8 bcm/y with a possibility for reverse flow as well.