Bulgartransgaz EAD successfully finalized the public procurement for selection of a contractor in an open procedure under the Public Procurement Act (PPA), titled: “Investment design, procurement of the necessary materials and equipment, construction and commissioning of Stage CS Rasovo and Stage CS Nova Provadia of site "Expansion of Bulgartransgaz EAD gas transmission infrastructure parallel to the north (main) gas pipeline to the Bulgarian-Serbian border” under Ref. No 190-038.

After conducting an open procedure under the Public Procurement Act, the Commission appointed by the Contracting authority ranked first the participant DZZD FERROSTAAL BALKANGAZ and proposed the same for contractor of the public procurement. The decision on selection of DZZD FERROSTAAL BALKANGAZ as a contractor is published on 20.08.2019 at the Buyer profile of Bulgartransgaz EAD website.

Two associations have submitted offers for participation in the procedure - DZZD Rasovo-Provadia CS and DZZD FERROSTAAL BALKANGAZ.

As a result of the verification of the participants' compliance with the requirements of the contracting authority laid down in the documentation for participation in the public procurement, as well as of compliance with the selection criteria, both participants were admitted to offers' evaluation and opening of price proposals.

The selection of a contractor was made by applying the indicators of the Methodology for complex evaluation, set by Bulgartransgaz EAD, whereas the selected consortium has offered the most economically advantageous offer according to the previously announced award criterion "optimum quality/price ratio", and the offer of the participant DZZD FERROSTAAL BALKANGAZ was rated with 100.00 points.

The price offered by the participant DZZD FERROSTAAL BALKANGAZ for performance of the procurement subject matter amounts to EUR 179 377 777.00 (one hundred seventy-nine million three hundred seventy-seven thousand seven hundred seventy-seven euro) excluding VAT or BGN 350 832 437.59 (three hundred fifty million eight hundred thirty-two thousand four hundred thirty-seven BGN, 0.59) excluding VAT, which is within the estimated value of the procurement and is BGN 18 262 444.46 (eighteen million two hundred sixty-two thousand four hundred forty-four BGN, 0.46) excluding VAT lower than the price proposed by the participant DZZD Rasovo-Provadia CS.

DZZD FERROSTAAL BALKANGAZ is an association of two Bulgarian and one foreign company with members: Ferrostaal Industrieanlagen GmbH - Germany, Glavbolgarstroy AD and Glavbolgarstroy International AD. The subcontractors declared by the association are: Solar Turbines Europe S.A. - Belgium, Turbo Machine Bulgaria EOOD and Chimcomplect Engineering AD.

Bulgartransgaz EAD would like to thank all the participants for their participation in the procedure, the offers submitted, the expressed commercial interest and the achieved good level of competition.

The public procurement documentation and the Decision on Contractor selection are published HERE