Bulgartransgaz resumes the procedure for selecting a contractor for the procurement of the necessary materials and equipment, investment design, construction and commissioning of the expansion of the gas transmission infrastructure

Bulgartransgaz EAD herewith would like to inform any potential participants in the open procedure „Procurement of the necessary materials and equipment, investment design – Detailed design phase, construction and commissioning of project: „Expansion of the gas transmission infrastructure of Bulgartransgaz EAD parallel to the north (main) gas pipeline to the Bulgarian-Serbian border”, stage: “Linear part” that it resumes the procedure and extends the term for offers submission.

The procedure has been suspended due to a filed appeal and request submitted in relation thereto for the imposition of a temporary measure „procedural suspension“. By virtue of a Ruling No.245 of 21.02.2019 of the Competition Protection Commission (CPC), no action shall be taken in regard to the appeal, the proceedings shall be terminated and the request for suspension of the procedure shall not be reviewed. The CPC’s Ruling has not been appealed and has thus entered into force.

In line with the text of article 203(3) of the Public Procurement Act, the Contracting authority suspends the procedure by the time of enforcement of a ruling rejecting the request for temporary measure. All legal prerequisites are now in place with the enforced ruling for the procedure to be resumed. 

In this regard, on 28.02.2019 the Contracting authority sent for publication in Official Journal of the European Union and in the Public Procurements Register a decision for approval of a notice of amendment or additional information, which, pursuant to Art. 100, para 11 of the PPA set a new deadline for bids submission - 06.03.2019, 17.00h and a new date for the public meeting for bids opening - 07.03.2019, 13:00h.

The decision is expected to be published within the statutory deadlines, and soon afterwards will be available on the Buyer's Profile, as part of the the procedure file.

The procurement documentation and the notice on resumption are published HERE.