In July 2020, the European Commission launched an initiative to establish a European Clean Hydrogen Alliance. The initiative is in line with the objectives and priorities set in the European Strategy for Use of Hydrogen and the new Strategy for Industry. It aims at contributing to implementation of the EU's climate and energy goals for a climate-neutral economy by 2050 through decarbonisation of industry, transport and electricity generation. The alliance envisages to establish an investment channel for large-scale production and support of clean hydrogen demand in the EU.

In order to accelerate the process of introducing clean hydrogen to Europe, the initiative plans to widely deploy hydrogen technologies by 2030, promoting the production of low-carbon and green hydrogen, as well as its transport and distribution.

To date, 23 of the 45 European transmission operators ENTSOG members have joined the initiative, including: Bayernets, Conexus Baltic Grid, DESFA, Energinet, Enagás, Еustream, Fluxys, Gasunie, GRTgaz, Gas Connect Austria, GAS-SYSTEM,GASCADE Gastransport, Gas Networks Ireland, NET4GAS, Nowega, REN Gasodutos, OGE, ONTRANS, Plinacro, Snam, TRANSGAZ, Teréga, Thyssengas and Elering. On July 13, 2021, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance confirmed Bulgartransgaz EAD accession to the organization. 

The participation of the Bulgarian gas transmission operator in the initiative will enable cooperation with the other European partners in the process of establishing infrastructure suitable for transport of hydrogen and low-carbon fuels, as well as for accelerated development of hydrogen technologies and use of hydrogen fuel.