We would like to inform the interested parties that a meeting of the Standing Energy Committee to the 44th National Assembly will take place on 18 September 2019 (Wednesday) at 2:30 pm in Conference Room 3 of the east wing of Knyaz Alexander I square to review, discuss and vote an amendment bill to the Energy Act, No.954-01-43 submitted on 19.06.2019 by VALENTIN ALEXIEV NIKOLOV and a group of MPs – for second reading.

The bill as well as all submitted proposal are available at: https://www.parliament.bg/bg/bills/ID/157042

All interested parties may attend the meeting; information thereof has been published on the website of the National Assembly.

In case of any questions and to register attendance the interested parties must submit the name of their representative to the following e-mail: komisia_energetika@parliament.bg or call +359887190067. Bearing in mind the wider interest only one representative of an interested party may register.