Implementing Art. 25 of the Daily Imbalance and Neutrality Charge Calculation Methodology adopted with EWRC’s decision under Protocol no. 122/11.07.2019 item 5 effective as of 19 July 2019, we propose for public consultations a draft decision of the Management Board (MB) of the Company determining the amount of the small adjustment, the clearing period for the balance neutrality account and the criteria for applying the achieved prices for natural gas purchase and sale on the operational platforms for natural gas trade for calculation of the price of natural gas for balancing valid for the upcoming Gas Year 2019 - 2020.

Draft of the MB’s decision is available here

Motives for the proposed values of the parameters according to Art. 25 of the Methodology are available here

All interested parties may submit their positions on the proposed Draft Decision from 5 August 2019 to 23 August 2019 inclusive, to the official email address of the company:

We look forward to your comments and recommendations.