Representatives of the European Commission, EWRC, BEH and Bulgartransgaz EAD inspected the operation of the equipment at CS Petrich which ensures the physical reverse transmission

The representative of the European Commission – Directorate-General for Energy Mr. Kristof Kovacs, the Chairman of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission Mr. Ivan Ivanov, the Executive Director of BEH EAD Mr. Petyo Ivanov and the Executive Director of Bulgartransgaz Mr. Georgi Gegov made an onsite inspection of the equipment which ensures the operation of the modernized compressor station Petrich in a physical reverse transmission regime from Greece to Bulgaria.

The finalized project for the modernization of CS Petrich was commissioned on 13 June, 2016, amounting to approximately 35 million BGN. The reconstructions provide for the first time a technical possibility if necessary greater supply volume from the Revithoussa LNG terminal in Greece to be received. As a result of the project, realized by Bulgartransgaz EAD, the natural gas security of supply in Bulgaria improves significantly by ensuring a new gas transmission corridor for supplies in case of emergencies.

CS Petrich is an existing one, included at the exit of the route of the gas pipeline for transit transmission to Greece which passes through the Bulgarian territory. Its purpose is to restore the pressure loss of the transported natural gas as a result of the local and hydraulic resistances along the transit gas pipeline after CS Ihtiman and to ensure the contracted parameters of handing over the natural gas at the Bulgarian – Greek border.

The participants in the visit expressed their content with the operation of the equipment and highlighted the role of the Bulgarian transmission operator Bulgartransgaz EAD in maintaining a reliable and efficient gas transmission system in the region.