Gas infrastructure of Bulgartransgaz EAD on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria consists of the national gas transmission network that ensures natural gas to the main part of the Bulgarian users, the gas transmission network for transit transmission ensuring chiefly natural gas transport to Turkey, Greece and Macedonia and the underground gas storage in Chiren (Chiren UGS), directly connected to the national gas transmission network.

National gas transmission network

The national gas transmission network is built in a ring-shaped form of high pressure gas pipelines with a total length of 1835 km, three compressor stations – CS Kardam-1, CS Valchi Dol and CS Polski Senovets with total installed capacity of 49 MW, cleaning facilities, electrochemical protection system, communications system - copper and optic fibre cables, 240 metering lines to connected users at 115 exit points (AGRS, GMS). Its technical transport capacity amounts to 7,4 bcm/year, and the maximum working pressure is 54 bar.

 Gas transmission network for transit transmission

The transit gas transmission network comprises high pressure gas pipelines of total lentgh of 930 km with prevailing diameter of DN 1000, six compressor stations – CS Kardam-2, CS Provadia, CS Lozenets, CS Strandja, CS Ihtiman and CS Petrich, with total installed capacity of 270 МW, electrochemical protection system, cleaning facilities, communications system, information system and other ancillary facilities. Its total technical capacity for natural gas transit transmission amounts to 17,8 bcm/year and the maximum working pressure is 54 bar.

More information on the technical, contracted and available capacity at relevant points of the natural gas transport systems as well as historic data on the used capacity can be found HERE

Description of Bulgartransgaz's gas transmission system

Catalogue of codes and names of entry/exit points


Underground Gas Storage (UGS) Chiren

The underground gas storage Chiren located near the city  of Vratsa has 23 exploitation wells, a compressor station with a total installed capacity of 10 MW and other technological equipment required to secure the injection, withdrawal and quality of stored gas.  The present storage capacity can provide storage for the needs of the home consumers up to 550 mcm3 natural gas. The withdrawal and injection capacity according to the formation pressures and other factors, is between 1 mcm3/day (minimum) to 4,2 mcm3/day (maximum) for withdrawal, and 1,5 mcm3/day (minimum) tо 3,5 mcm3/day (maximum) for injection.

More information on the contracted and available capacity of UGS Chiren, on the inflows and outflows can be found HERE