Incremental capacity projects will be developed in connection with the increased interest in transporting natural gas from south to north, connecting the transmission networks of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, providing the technical possibility for bidirectional natural gas transmission. The transmission system operators along the route - Bulgartransgaz EAD, ICGB AD, DESFA S.A., FGSZ Ltd., Transgaz S.A. and Gastrade S.A. have rallied around this issue.

The meeting of gas transmission operators from seven countries, which took place in Sofia, was hosted by the Bulgarian gas transmission operator Bulgartransgaz EAD. The representatives of the TSOs welcomed the interest of Ukraine and Moldova in the initiative, which would contribute to securing gas for the whole region. The gas transmission operator of Slovakia - Eustream, as well as of Ukraine - Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC and representatives of the Moldovan gas company Energocom took part in the working group meeting. "Your initiative is of great importance for the countries of the Vertical Gas Corridor and for the whole region. As a government, we are determined to ensure energy security through partnership between countries", said Deputy Energy Minister Iva Petrova at the opening of the Vertical Gas Corridor meeting.
„Our common goal is to satisfy the growing demand for liquefied natural gas from the existing and planned terminals in Greece in the most efficient manner and as rapidly as possible. The non-binding phase of the market test clearly showed a need to double the entry capacity from Greece and todouble the exit capacity to Romania“. This were the words of the Executive Director of Bulgartransgaz EAD Vladimir Malinov at the meeting and added that specific proposals for the expansion of the gas transmission infrastructure are expected to be published for public consultations in January 2024.
At today’s meeting, the next steps have been identified for the preparation of the documentation for the binding phase of the market tests. Bulgartransgaz already launched joint technical studies with the Greek operator DESFA S.A., the Romanian operator Transgaz S.A. and the operator of the Interconnection Greece-Bulgaria ICGB AD.

The transmission system operators will submit in January their project proposals and expect to hold the binding phase of the market tests in July 2024.