Incremental capacity projects will be developed in connection with the increased interest in transporting natural gas from south to north, connecting the transmission networks of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary

The document was signed by the Executive Director of Bulgartransgaz EAD, Vladimir Malinov, and the Director of Transportgas Srbija, Zoran Jovčić

The gas transmission operators will have an important role in the development of the hydrogen market in Europe. The use of the well-developed gas transmission network will scale back the costs of deploying the hydrogen until we can reach its mass producti

“The implementation of the Vertical Gas Corridor infrastructure expansion projects will allow additional natural gas quantities to be transported from south to north"

Concerning the origin of the goods data on non-preferential origin must be declared in the customs declaration in DE 5/15 Country of Origin Code and the respective code of the Union for such country must be entered

Bulgartransgaz had ensured all conditions for non-discriminatory access to the gas transmission network of Bulgaria

Bulgartransgaz EAD completed the marked demand assessment for incremental capacity at the interconnection points. In cooperation with neighbouring operators, the company published demand assessment reports based on demand indications

In accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2017/459, establishing a network code on capacity allocation mechanisms in gas transmission systems

Bulgartransgaz EAD is organizing an auction on the Platform of Balkan Gas Hub EAD for purchase of natural gas quantities in the amount 100 050 MWh (4 350 MWh/day)

During his visit in the USA, the Executive Director of Bulgartransgaz EAD